Items You Will Need To Submit With Your Completed Critical Home Repair Application

Proof of Identity

Applicant must furnish either

  • Current, government-issued photo identification with a valid Social Security number or other taxpayer identification number (for U.S persons) or

  • One or more of the following: passport number and country issuance, alien identification card number or number and country of issuance of any other government-issued document evidencing nationality or residence and bearing a photograph.

Proof of Home Ownership
  • Title Deed or Mortgage Statement

Proof of Income

(Scope of work less than $5,000)

  • Two (2) months pay stubs with YTD total.

  • You must disclose any child support and/or alimony income for consideration.

  • Include your most recent six (6) months of bank statements showing your consistent receipt of this income.

  • A complete copy of your divorce decree, if applicable.

Proof of Income

(Scope of work greater than $5,000)

You will also need to provide the following:

If you are employed:

  • Your W-2 forms for the last two (2) most recent years

  • Your most current pay-stub with Year-to-Date figures

If you are self-employed:

  • Your two (2) most recent year’s tax returns signed by applicant(s)

  • Your most recent signed Profit and Loss statement

If you have income other than as an employee:

  • Your two (2) most recent year’s tax returns signed by applicant(s)

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