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Grays Harbor Habitat for Humanity

Job Description: Construction Manager
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Position Description:
To oversee and direct all aspects of the  construction process in a way that maximizes the use of volunteer labor and materials to produce quality homes in a safe affordable manner. The position includes participating in the design phase, collaborating with the construction committee to develop a building plan and budget, ensuring all building materials are available when needed, and managing paid subcontractors and volunteer labor throughout the construction process to ensure all safety protocols are followed.  This part-time position reports to the Executive Director and collaborates closely with the Construction Committee Chair, 

Key Responsibilities:

1.       In collaboration with the construction committee, develops an overall construction plan for each project.

2.       Be knowledgeable of Habitat requirements and regulations.

3.       Develop or implement existing short term construction schedule on a monthly basis that includes community work parties

4.       Communicate as-built drawings and help maintain working drawings.

5.       Supervise professional and volunteer construction personnel. Utilize existing skilled persons maximizing benefit.

6.       Train and support volunteers.

7.       Work closely with construction committee chair on weekly plan update. Communicate the plan to all appropriate people.

8.       Work with Construction Committee Chair, Volunteer Committee Chair and Family Liaison to insure that volunteers and partner families are productively involved in the construction process. (The houses should not be built by the Construction Staff and a select few volunteers.)

9.       Work with construction personnel to follow and continuously implement safety program.

10.   Participate in the bid process for hiring subs and ensure timely and accurate completion

11.   Order inspections and ensure that houses are built to code.

12.   Use in-kind material and labor when possible.

13.   Provide updates regarding project status and estimated completion dates.

14.   Responsible for projects until 100% complete and sold to homeowner.

15.   Ensure timely clear communication with contractors and vendors. Develop working relationships.

16.   Responsible for ordering correct quantity and having materials delivered on time.

17.   Maintain and develop new connections to vendors

18.   Oversee tool/equipment inventory, management and repairs

19.   Approve all construction-related invoices, code appropriately.

20.   Estimate and report value of in-kind gifts.

Required Knowledge and Skills:
Commitment to Habitat for Humanity ideals and philosophy.
Ability to work with people of all races, faiths and backgrounds.
A strong background in residential home construction.  

Five years of related experience and/or a college degree in related field
An absolute commitment to job safety.
Excellent communication skills a must.
Ability to work with minimum supervision.


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