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Items we accept:

  • APPLIANCES:  Functioning with all parts (with pigtail) and Less than ten years old.


  • Flooring:  in box only, Tile or Laminate in box, new vinyl or linoleum only. New or like new carpet.

  • Lumber:  Trim must be 4 feet or longer. Sheet goods must be ½ sheet or better with no damage.

  • Insulation: New only.         

  • Roofing: New only.

  • Siding: New only.

  • Paint/Primer/Stain: Unopened cans only! No rust with original label.

  • CABINETS: Complete with all drawers and doors

  • DECORATIVE: Rugs, Paintings, Housewares, etc.

  • DOORS: Good condition without alterations.

  • ELECTRONICS: Must have all parts and in good working condition.

  • FURNITURE: Must be complete and functional with no rips, tears, or stains.

  • HARDWARE: Rust free.

  • HEATING: Wood stoves, Heaters, A/C units in good condition and working order.

  • LIGHTING: All parts included and in good working order.

  • ELECTRICAL: Not previously installed

  • SINKS/TOILETS/PLUMBING: Must be undamaged in good working order with all parts ad pieces.

  • TOOLS: No rust and in safe working condition.

  •  WINDOWS: Insulated vinyl with no damage and nails removed.                                         

Habitat for Humanity of Grays Harbor

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